Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Derek Frey’s passion for film was evident at a young age.  Always feeling the need to entertain those around him, Derek's attention turned towards the camera in high school and college.  While those around him partook in studies and socializing, Derek could be found wandering the halls at night with a video camera, creating his next off the wall production.

A graduate of West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Derek began his professional career in the entertainment industry on the ABC sitcom The Faculty.  He then assisted film director Tim Burton on Mars Attacks!, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes and Big Fish . Derek recently served as Associate Producer on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  In 2009 Derek worked as Editor on the extensive book The Art of Tim Burton.  He is currently working as Associate Producer on Alice in Wonderland, scheduled for release in 2010.


Anyone that knows Derek understands why he always has a camera in his hand. By looking at the collection of work he has compiled, it is clear to see that he has the skill, creativity, and drive to show the world of what he is capable. From distinct works such as The Day the Dolls Struck Back!, The Upper Hand and Creep, to the bizarrely creative Sketch and Mr. Quiet, Derek is determined to entertain audiences with his exciting and unique style of storytelling.  Aside from films Derek has created a number of music videos for Big Island band Technical Difficulties including Briny Deep, Jimmy and Summer.  Derek teamed up with Philadelphia based comedic troupe  The Minor Prophets in 2007 for the creation of 4th and 99 which was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.  Derek and the Minor Prophets joined forced again in 2008 with the creation of America's Game.  Derek is currently putting the final touches on his most recent directorial outing, The Curse of the Sacred Stone.

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With creativity, artistic talent and a passion for film, it is no suprise that Aaron has utilized his skills in the entertainment industry.  Joining Lazer Film Productions in 1997, he has proven a valuable asset to the creation of new and exciting projects. Making his introductory acting appearance in Sketch, Aaron went on to become everyone's favorite paranormal investigator, Dr. Nic Balitas in Bigfoot: Encounter in Burbank and UFO: The Burbank Chronicles.    Now behind the scenes, Aaron has served as co-director/producer/writer on The Upper Hand , Creep and The Day the Dolls Struck Back!.  

A 1996 film graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Aaron continues to pursue his career in film making, and has worked on such Hollywood blockbusters as Armageddon, GodzillaPitch Black, The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, and 15 Minutes.   Currently, Aaron is working as Visual Effects Coordinator on Superman Returns at Rhythm and Hues Effects.

Image courtesy nostalgia.comImage courtesy nostalgia.comImage courtesy nostalgia.comImage courtesy           Aaron graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1996 with a degree in film studies.  Aaron has worked in film production and visual effects on such Hollywood films as: Armageddon, Godzilla, Pitch Black, Nutty Professor II, 15 Minutes, Superman Returns, 300, Final Destination 3 and Slither.  For the last 2+ years, he has worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks as a Recruiting Manager for Digital Production, having contributed to some of the following films: Beowulf, I Am Legend, Surf’s Up, Hancock, Speed Racer, Eagle Eye, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Valkyrie, and Watchmen. Currently, Aaron is working on: Cats & Dogs 2, Alice in Wonderland, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 2012, and G-Force. 

Aaron continues working with Derek collaborating and writing on creative projects, just recently pitching story ideas to Sony Pictures Animation.

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Mike McCarthy

His roles have spanned the greatest of the Lazer Film Productions spectrum. From terrifying campus slaughtering werewolf, to two-headed prankster friend, Mike McCarthy has enjoyed a long and fruitful career with LFP. Beginning in 1991 with the shocking horror, "Silence of the Dolls" his abilities then took center spotlight in Moonfreak: Creature from Hell where Mr. McCarthy played the cranky roommate turned horrible moon beast. On the lighter side, who can forget his active role in the stolen wallet trilogy, topped off by the hilariously touching indoor drama Marooned in our Room. In a stunning reversal of character Mike played the good friend turned bad in Into Thin Air. Mike received rave reviews in 1995 when he played himself in the cult classic Verge of Darkness.   After a 5 year hiatus from acting, Mike returned in the music video for "Technical Difficulties" hit single  Sex is Easier.  His comedic abilities were in high gear as the annoying title character in the 2006 music video "Johnny".

Mike currently lives in Wayne, PA and works as a studio engineer at Range Recording Studios as well as plays lead guitar in a local Radiohead tribute band, Meeting in the Aisle.

Also, Check out Mike's inspired original music on myspace!

Check out Mike's inspired music on myspace!

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Jill Kocalis

Jill began her acting career at age five, entertaining her babysitters with full renditions of "Grease" and "Sesame Street Fever" in her living room. Today, thank goodness, she’s moved on to slightly larger venues. She recently completed a pilot for MTV called "Normal Joe" and will be appearing in two independent movies this year. Jill also just debuted as the model for She is also excited to be starring in an upcoming original musical called "Goriot" which will open at CBS Studios in June. A long-time fan of Saturday Night Live and other twisted comedies, Jill prides herself on her impression of the androgynous yet lovable ‘Pat’, as well as performing a few original characters of her own. Her involvement with Lazer Film Productions has allowed her to portray such roles as herself in Captain Crabcakes, the helpless victim in The Pervert of the Park, a postal worker in The Upper Hand, the cursed in Creep, and a ten year old girl in The Day the Dolls Struck Back!. Fans agree that Jill’s acting abilities are uncommonly found in someone that exhibits such grace and beauty.

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Kory Edwards

Kory has lent his musical talents to Creep, Sketch:The Definitive Collectors Edition and The Day the Dolls Struck Back!. Kory was the lead singer for the electro/industrial band "Viktim". Upon his departure from the band, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue a career in electronic music. He is currently recording songs for his solo project "Rip In The Blindfold". You can catch Kory frequenting LA goth clubs drinking vodka with Russian super models. 

Visit KORY'S OFFICIAL SITE to listen to his work!

KORY'S QUOTE: "A thousand lessons relearned - In mistakes I can’t hide - If I could just kill - The vultures inside"