LFP HALL OF FAME

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Edward Mount

Laughter, fear, joy and sorrow. These are just a few of the emotions Edward Mount has evoked in Lazer Film Production fans. Not only has Edward Mount appeared in the greatest number of Lazer Film Productions, he has been the character responsible for others being maimed or killed. No one else in Lazer Film Production history can hold that high honor. Critics raved his introductory lead role in "The Vampire Movie", followed by countless short classics such as "Stupid Irish Bastard". Edward gained commercial success as the werewolf slaughtering, pumpkin wielding, mummer jacket wearing college student in "Moonfreak: Creature from Hell". His comedic abilities took center stage in the 1993 sleeper hit "Marooned in our Room". Mount really hit his stride as the epitamy of evil in such film masterpieces "Into Thin Air" and "Verge of Darkness". Always avoiding the bad guy typecast, Ed tickled peoples funny bones until they puked in more shorts "Home Surgery", "Born on the Fifth of July" and "Edzilla".    Ed has also lent his talents to recent films Godzilla, Armageddon, Supernova, Stuart Little and Pitch Black.    He is currently working for ScanVec Amiable Technologies in Lester, Pennsylvania. He has also been spotted in the Philadelphia area with his Tenor Saxophone performing in "Chico's Vibe" as well as the jazz quartet "The Impressions".

  Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher has enjoyed one of the longest acting careers at Lazer Film Productions. Beginning in 1991 with the classic horror "Silence of the Dolls". His first major role can be seen in Moonfreak: Creature from Hell" where he played the deranged albino beating punk with a dark side. His career took off after his role as the remorseful thug Rob Splinterblood in "Into Thin Air". His until then comical abilities took center stage in the epic short film "Gumba: TV Creature from Hell". Matt received rave reviews from his powerful performance in "Verge of Darkness". Matt currently lives in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.   He spends his weekends screaming out double C’s for his band  "Chico's Vibe".   Matt is devoted to the furthering of his musical educations and expansion of his overwhelming talent.

Brian E. Smith

Brian "E" Smith

When it comes to numbers, Brian "E" Smith leads the pack in terms of Lazer Film Production appearances. Joining the organization in 1992, Brian quickly rose to become one of the most favorite deranged characters at LFP. Making his introduction in part one of the stolen wallet trilogy, "Modern Art", followed by a number of classic shorts such as "Stupid Irish Bastard" and "The Penny of Evil". Many critics agree that Brian’s breakthrough role was his portrayal of himself in "Moonfreak: Creature from Hell". Who can forget Brian’s character Steven Wrenchwood found in a bloody mess of an elevator in "Into Thin Air". Mr. Smith played the disgruntled door hammering friend in "Marooned in Our Room" followed years later in a similar role in "Verge of Darkness" as the inside roommate who ultimately assist in the destruction of the evil Ed Mount. Brian works as a music educator and resides in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

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Jennifer Bruen

A member of Lazer Film Productions since the beginning, Jennifer’s participation and support of Lazer Film Productions has been unparalleled. Smashing onto the screen in the cult classic "The Vampire Movie", Jennifer quickly found her place, making her follow-up appearances in "Stupid Irish Bastard"; and "The Penny of Evil". Her brief but masterful performance in "MoonFreak: Creature from Hell" was hailed as one of the movies most frightening moments. Many view her role in "Marooned in our Room" as the highlight of her career. Jennifer works as a Recruitment and Employment Specialist with Drexel University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She is also an extremely talented musician and continues playing the flute in the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra. She resides in Washington D.C.

Lori Sherling

Lori has been a long-time friend and supporter of Derek Frey, The Lazer, the amazingly talented acting troupe of Lazer Films and Lazer Film Productions. She sends nothing but great vibes to all endeavors created by the production team and longs to work in collaboration with the brilliance and genius of Derek Frey, sometime in the not-so-distant future. Miss Scherling (as she’s known to her fans) can be found singing the hits in and around Ardmore, PA, is currently working with Mike Lawson of MilkBoy Recording Studios (Ardmore, PA) for the recording and production of more original hits, tunes and poetry and looks forward to spreading her quirky educational quality show around like the creative, catchy fungus it is. For more information and to join her fan club, check out  or

Top Ten Important Facts about Miss (Lori) Scherling: 1. Birthday - February 11 (2/11 - balanced, yet odd) 2. Favorite color(s) - blue and pink 3. Favorite Ben and Jerry's - Phish Food Frozen Yogurt (on a good day – peanut butter is added, on a great day day so are pretzels!) 4. I love warm weather, summer, the beach, nature, bugs, trees, the stars, planets and the universe. If I could have a dog, I would and I'd name him Ralph. 5. I think children are awesome! 6. Music is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world and I don't know what my life would be without it, poetry, art, rhyme and my guitar! Well, that and peanut butter....and my Mom & Dad....and my girlfriends friends - Andi, Mindy, Jessica, Kim, Stacey and Jenn. 7. I long to be surrounded by common sense. 8. I'm an elementary general/vocal music teacher in the North Penn School District (Lansdale, PA) and have my Master's Degree in Orff Schulwerk. 9. I would like to find a guy who has the imagination, wit, charm and love of all John Cusack’s characters from 80's movies, Napoleon Dynamite's philosophy of life, dance skills and lovable quirkiness with really cute looks! Basically someone who gets me! 10. My all-time favorite musicians are Alanis Morissette, Peter Gabriel and U2.

Joe De La Cruz

Joe De La Cruz

Joe De La Cruz, better known for his roles as an extra on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Brooklyn Bridge", is proud to lend his talents to LFP. His introductory performance as the lead role in "The Pervert of the Park" showcased his dynamic range. He then went on to play the guitar jamming boyfriend in "Captain Crabcakes". Joe’s love for the offbeat and fondness for "little people" make him an interesting addition to the archive of Lazer Film Production talent. Also a musician, Joe is known in Los Angeles for his years as lead guitarist in the now defunct band "Monkey Paw". He is currently pursuing his career in television and many believe it is just a matter of time before he becomes the next Sherwood Schwartz.

Hans Kalbach

Hans Kalbach

Although his movie appearances are limited, Hans Kalbach has played some of the most unforgettable Lazer Film Production characters. Who can forget Hans’ supporting role in "Verge of Darkness" as the approval nodding clench man who ultimately assist in the destruction of the evil Ed Mount. In recent years Hans played the terrifying beast creature Gnockkh in "Born on the Fifth of July". Hans Kalbach’s whimsical creativeness and eye for the offbeat has been priceless in the production of Lazer Film Productions.

DID YOU KNOW?  The Kalbach family own the rights to a delicious recipe for baking their own brand of peanut brittle?

Scott Jones

Scott Jones "Sko-Jo"

Though never making appearance as a lead, Scott Jones has become one of Lazer Film Productions most cherished supporting actors. Making his breakthrough appearance in "Moonfreak: Creature from Hell" Sco-Jo went to perform an emotionally strong cameo appearance in "Verge of Darkness."

FILM FACT: A sequel to the "Moonfreak: Creature from Hell" was never made. It was to star Scott Jones.