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Haunting the darkened corridors of the mind lurks The Creeper.  Beware his appearance for it is said to forwarn of impending doom.  Though hasty retreat may also lead to a untimely and unfortunate end.  The Creeper is usually sited around Halloween.  Who would have known.....



This terrifying creature that haunts the lonely corridors of the phantom zone, has appeared in both "Gumba: TV Creature from Hell" and "Sketch". No one is sure exactly what Gumba is although many have pondered on her origins. The Gumba creature, contrary to popular belief, is actually a passive creature. Only when called into action does this docile creature rear her ugly head. When off duty, Gumba spends time as a volunteer at the S.D.M.R.H. - The Skooby Doo Monster Retirement Home. There she spends hours playing electronic battleship with elderly residents.



An artistic creation from the classic Lazer Film Production "Sketch", Snowbeast is actually a Ghoul spawned from the artistic eye of Gumba. After a violent confrontation, Gumba renders Snowbeast to conduct a stealthy assault on Ed. Snowbeast existence was brief, living in our world for a mere 3 minutes before being destroyed by Ed Mount.



Lost in the mountainous regions of Southern California, a confused and weary Bigfoot stumbled into the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank last year. Taking refuge in the sewers, residents hid in fear as a rash of sightings plagued the community. Lazer Film Productions is proud to have recorded the only documented interview with Bigfoot, televised on Bigfoot: Encounter in Burbank.  Although many questions remain to be answered, we do find Bigfoot to be kind and gentle creature.



Leader of the Zoltanian flagship Zeetlemorph, Kregore travels the vast wastelands of the galaxy, collecting data on subspecies in hopes of advancing his own kind. Elected into the Council of Elders in Stardate 324.15, his initial assignment was the collection of gaseous anomalies in the Beta Quadrant. In recent years he has moved on to study humanoid creatures on the planet earth. Kregore's supporters have rallied for his entry into the Zoltanian political world. If he enters into the race for Mayor of Kranex, he would most likely be assured a win. This would clear the way for what many believe is his eventual rulership as Emperor of Zoltex.



Intergalactic prankster and space pilot of the Zoltanian space cruiser Naniantatzoo, Zoltan served for a number of years as 1st Lieutenant on Zoltanian Flagship Zeetlemorph. In Stardate 328.23 he organized a mutiny attempt to overthrow his commanding officer Kregore. As it became clear that the coup was failing, Zoltan escaped by commandeering the flagships prized space cruiser. Wanted on five planets and deemed emotionally unstable and dangerous in five Praxis class star systems, Zoltan should be considered highly unpredictable and dangerous. If you encounter him please do not except any gifts from him. A deep space transmission intercepted by the city of Kranex last year stated rumors of his death on the planet earth had been grossly exaggerated.

Captain Crabcakes


Not much is known of Captain Crabcakes. Information that we have compiled is heresay and although attempts have been made, we have been unable to confirm the following information. Born Christopher P. Crabcakes in 1936 in the tiny coastal fishing town of Seaport, Massachusetts, Captain Crabcakes's entire life has centered around the ocean. At 18 Christopher took to the ocean as Captain of his own fishing trawler, The Carpethica. After nearly 20 years of work on the frigid water of the North Atlantic, tragedy struck when his ship was destroyed and crew slaughtered by a giant squid. As the lone survivor, Captain Crabcakes spent 18 grueling days in shark infested waters. The traumatic event left Crabcakes unable to function in society and he was placed in the mental ward of Moby Dick's House of Crackers. Upon his released in 1985, the Captain began volunteering at the Santa Monica Fish and Sea Life Hatchery. Tragedy struck in the summer of 1987 when a 50lb gauge fishing line snagged Captain's neck, leaving him mute. Captain Crabcakes spends most of his time on the wharfs of Long Beach, California waving to boat captains as they head in and out of port. He reflects often on those cold salty air filled days at sea, remembering the sound of the ocean and the smell of freshly cut fish guts on the deck of his ship.

The Blue Entity


This ghoulish spectral force has been sighted a number times in Burbank, California. Those that have encountered this dark figure do not soon forget the experience, often losing numerous nights sleep. Analysis of audio recordings has determined that the spirits name may be Skippy. If you come across this mysterious entity, do not taunt him. If you do, there will be a price to pay.



Born July 5, 1996, this strange and offbeat creature is actually not a creature at all, first thought to be a psychological manifestation, Gnockkh actually turned out to be Mike and Hans playing a joke on their disturbed friend Ed. Gnockkh will live forever in the hearts of fans as the most outlandish and bizarre creature in the Lazer Film Production spectrum.

The Great Haz


Although human, we are proud to include this freakazoid into the Gallery of Ghouls. A scientific mastermind by the age of 9, Francis P. Haz of Greenwood, Illinois was quickly drafted into one of the militaries most classified projects, entitled The West Chester Trial. Sister project of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, the West Chester Trial developed invisible stealth technology which was to be incorporated into the militaries strategic Cold War offensive plan. When the project was scrubbed by the Kennedy administration, the military agenda turned to black list scientist involved with the project, including Frank Haz. Forced to protect himself, Frank retreated to the thick wooded terrain around West Chester Pennsylvania. Government operatives discovered Frank in 1977, and proceeded to beat he living hell out of him, leaving his face severely scarred. Frank re-entered society in 1994 upon discovery of his secret Avon Beautifying Chemical. With the end of the Cold War, he was able to live without fear. Frank lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife Margaret and their baby girl Julia. He sells his invisibility formula to Amish children to deter stoning.Much of the above information was declassified in 1995 Freedom of Information Act clause 2.090 Section 324.



Although not a ghoul, Dr. Balitas' association with unexplained phenomenah grants him honorary membership into the Gallery of Ghouls. A 1988 graduate of the University of the Paranormal Investigation, Dr. Balitas expertise has his been vital to the validity of out investigative reports. Dr. Balitas is currently in Scotland, collecting data on the infamous sea creature the Loch Ness Monster