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Running Time: 5 minutes
Year Released: 2017

Music Video, Short Film, Dramedy

Down on his luck flower seller Sandeep (played by Deep Roy) pines to make a connection with the girl of his dreams.

He thinks he’s losing his mind.

Starring: Deep Roy, Aiko Horiuchi, Giulia Rivolta, Valery Richardson, Leah Gallo, Glen Mexted, Malcolm Davis
Directed by Derek Frey
Song by Trever Veilleux/Professor T and the East Side Shredders
Produced by Derek Frey
Cinematography by Derek Frey
Film Editing by Derek Frey
Assistant Director: Valery Richardson
Makeup by Malwina Suwinska
Wardrobe by Valery Richardson
Still Photographer: Leah Gallo
Special Thanks: Giulia Rivolta, Chris Nuttall, Fredrik Emil Hjortdal, Heidi Veilleux, Sir Richard Steele Pub

I was excited to receive an advance copy of Trever Veilleux’s album Professor T and the East Side Shredders just prior to a flight home to Philadelphia from London. I’ve known Trever since 2001, after watching his band, Technical Difficulties, perform an impressive gig in Hilo, Hawaii. I introduced myself, and many music videos, films and adventures later, it’s a collaboration that continues to inspire me. Listening to the new album uninterrupted on the flight I found it to be a brilliant and sweeping journey through an array of musical genres. The track God Came ‘Round spawned in me an instant vision for a music video. Inventive lyrics involving aliens, ghosts and leprechauns encapsulated many of the paranormal elements I find fascinating and are commonplace in my creations.

Deep Roy came to mind straight away because I knew he had the range and ability to play multiple characters. Deep is a good friend that I met in 2001 on the set of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, where Deep played several simian roles. We last collaborated in 2012 on the award-winning featurette The Ballad of Sandeep. Considering Deep has appeared in Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and played all 165 Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I knew he was the only man for the job. I expected logistics to pose a challenge with Deep in LA and me working on a project in London.  However, the day after I conceived the idea, Deep coincidentally emailed to let me know he would be in London for most of the summer. I asked if he would be up for being in the film and he responded with an immediate yes. In God Came ‘Round Deep played roles requiring a multitude of costume changes – including a Venetian rose seller, an alien invader, a ghost, a leprechaun and God. I thought it made perfect sense to have actress Aiko Horiuchi play the female lead, seeing as I met her through Trever’s band when they played the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiere in London in 2005. (Aiko played the role of the Tokyo Candy Shopkeeper and went on to play the terrifying Kayako in an installment of The Grudge.) Let’s just say the opportunity to tell an unrequited love story between an Oompa Loompa and the Grudge was one I couldn’t miss.

Filmed over one day and three nights around Camden Town, Primrose Hill and Belsize Park in northwest London, God Came ‘Round was a blast to shoot. Despite several locations, everything went according to plan and on schedule, largely due to the cast and crew of creative friends. I owe Deep Roy an enormous amount of gratitude for being game for anything I threw at him or threw up on him. A big thanks to Trever Veilleux for creating such a poetic and heartfelt song within a fantastic album, and allowing me the freedom to interpret God Came ‘Round.

I hope you enjoy!


Here’s the link to Professor T and the East Side Shredders: