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-The GREEN LAKE teaser trailer has arrived. Look for the complete film in Fall 2014.

-Tastic Film Magazine has featured Derek on the cover of their Indie Craftbook Issue.

-Derek was awarded Best Director of a Short Film at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival for SKY BLUE COLLAR. The film also won Best Director, Best Cinematography & Best Film at the I.F.F.C.M.R. & Best Comedy at the Red Dirt Film Festival.

-Check out The Vault for classic LFP films newly remastered in HD.

-Derek, Deep, Dave & Josh attended the American Film Market in November to pitch THE BALLAD OF SANDEEP feature.

-CAPTAIN SPARKY vs. THE FLYING SAUCERS, written by Derek Frey, is available on the FRANKENWEENIE Blu-Ray release.

-FRANKENWEENIE - Co-Produced by Derek Frey, was nominated for an Academy Award.

-HERE WITH ME - for THE KILLERS is complete! Produced by Derek Frey, Directed by Tim Burton.


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