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Running Time: 7:11
Year Released: 2018

Music Video

Witness the mechanisms of a massive supercontinental breakup within one man’s daydream around the world and through the ages.

A breakup 225 million years in the making.

Directed & Produced by Derek Frey
Composer: Trever Veilleux
Co-Producer/Assistant Director: Valery Richardson
Cinematography by Derek Frey
Edited by Derek Frey
Hair/Makeup: Douglas Wayman
Choreographer: Dori Yamada
Stage Lighting: Ari Bassett
Electrician: Damien Stack
Technical Advisor: Rob Abe
Wardrobe: Marilyn Foster
Pangea Ball: Heidi Veilleux
Props/SFX: Carmen Richardson, Diana Gilmore, Nathan Lux, Stanislaw Stack

Starring: Trever Veilleux, Joshua Timmons, Mayumi Long

Featuring: Dustin Kniedl, Gonzo, Heather Sexton, Iris Seaton, Madalyn Munoz, RaVani Flood, Noam Akiba-Hajim, Payton-Dayne Meyer, Zach Var

Tectonic Plate Dancers: Bernard-Benjamin Villa, Dori Yamada, James Imai, Jerome Doerger, Mana Hoopai, Marisa Miyashiro, Valery Richardson

Special Thanks: Marilyn Foster, Rob Abe, Heidi & Paisley Veilleux, Kahiku & Keawe Troy, Lynn Richardson, Lee Dombroski, & The UHH Theatre

Filmed in Hilo, Hawaii


Written by Trever Veilleux
©2017 published by Paisley Moon Songs

Musical arrangements by THE EAST SIDE SHREDDERS:

Trever "Professor T" Veilleux: electric guitar
Josh Timmons: trumpet & vocals
Mayumi Long: vocals
Sean Kenny: drums & percussion
Gonzo: bass
Wendell Ing: keyboards
Payton Meyer: tenor saxophone
Heather Sexton: alto saxophone
Vince D'angelo: trombone
RaVani Flood: vocals
Lilinoe Kauahikaua: vocals

Recorded by Rob Abe, at The Spider House, Volcano Hawaii
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Simpson, at NerdCave Studios, Hermon Maine

Album available on iTunes:

It was clear upon my first listen of Trever Veilleux’s fantastic album, Professor T and the East Side Shredders, that PANGEA was the standout track. I knew Trever was keen to have a music video for the song. I also understood that doing this song justice would be a huge undertaking, simply because of the epic feel that the track conveys. I wanted the video to match the richness, scale and emotion of the song, while also showcasing the incredible live talent that makes up this Big Island band.  Planning the shoot for PANGEA began last August, with filming taking place over two nights at the University of Hawaii at Hilo in January. As with every shoot I’ve experienced in Hawaii, it was a complete blast of creativity and insanity, with so many memorable moments. I’ve been editing away steadily since February with things really coming together over the last month, strangely timed with the spectacular eruption of Kilauea.  We rented a house on Kapoho Bay while on the Big Island for the Pangea shoot. That property was covered by lava in June. My previous project on the Big Island was the film GREEN LAKE. The lake was evaporated by Pele a week prior. I’m still trying to make sense of it all, and knowing the beauty that has been erased in Puna is much to bear. I do know that PANGEA was a labor of love and I can’t thank everyone enough for their hard work and dedication to this project. I hope this video serves as a positive distraction to the hardship and heartbreak many are experiencing on the Big Island.