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bigfoot: encounter in burbank
the blue entity
ed & mike: campus cooking
ed & mike: campus cooking
foreign movie part 2
foreign movie part 1
moonfreak: creature from hell
the blue entity
sketch 1997
the pervert of the park
ed & mike: at the movies
gumba: tv creature from hell
stupid irish bastard
the vampir emovie
bigfoot: encounter in burbank
captain crabcakes
born on the 5th of july
ed & mike: home surgery
into thin air
the penny of evil
modern art

Welcome to the Vault. The madness began in the darkest corners of West Chester University in 1992, heading west to Burbank, California in 1996. The vault is the perfect place to contain this collection of deranged souls and misfits. Enjoy the insanity of Derek's earliest works.

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